Knockout Event Rules


Rules of the 2023 Richard Day Singles Knockout, dedicated to the memory of Richard Day (Gonville 1982-87), who sadly passed away in April 2021:

  • Singles knockout, World handicaps adjusted to the course being played and for any mixed gender matches. A “society handicap” will be awarded to anyone without an official handicap.
  • In the early rounds, each match can be played at any golf course agreed between the two competitors.  It is however quite likely that the venue will be the home course of one of the competitors.
  • Any visitors’ green fee is to be split with the member. The basic rule is that both players must end up paying the same fee for the round.
  • Semi finals, final and 3rd and 4th playoff matches are to be played at Rye GC, morning and afternoon. This day will be paid for by the entry fees and some subsidy from the OEGS.
  • The draw will be “regional” in an effort to minimise the amount of travelling involved.
  • The result of each match must be reported immediately to Chris Walker, The draw on the OEGS website will then be updated.
  • If a match is not played by the stipulated date, the top player in the draw will go through to the next round.

Dates for the early rounds are to be confirmed depending on the numbers of entrants.

The semi-final / final day is expected to be at Rye GC on Saturday, 21st October 2023.